Pikeur Liv Sporty Waistcoat

funny cartoon horses 3Once upon a time my riding wardrobe was derived from anything and everything that was no longer considered fit for the purpose of public dressing. Ripped rugby shirts, tattered t’shirts, paint splattered sweaters or hoddies that had holes in, were all given a new lease of life as ‘Riding Clothes’.

…And then I entered the world of Dressage. A world where saddle pads and stockpins sparkle, equines are elegant and colour co-ordination is championed.
Having pranced around various warm up arena’s, I have come to realise that the dressage professionals present themselves perfectly. In comparison, I look like an odd clothed outcast who’s been dragged through a hedge backwards. But not any more! Thanks to my super sponsors, Country & Stable, I have been kitted out this season with the very latest sportswear and equestrian essentials. I am no longer a dressage fashion disaster!

One of my favourite items of clothing this winter has to be the Pikeur Liv Waistcoat.
The Liv Waistcoat is one of the stand out pieces from the Pikeur Premium Collection. Features include a detachable faux fur hood, several handy pockets (external & internal), luxurious down filling, a two way zip and rear poppers at the waist area.

Fabulously flattering fit.
Super comfortable, the padded down panels provide welcomed warmth during the winter months.
Smart enough to wear both in & out of the saddle.
The shimmering outer fabric not only looks great but goes some way to preventing equine slobber from penetrating the material and leaving undesirable stains.
Matches my boots!!! I realise this is not necessarily going to be a plus point for everyone, but for the few that do own rust coloured riding boots it’s a great match.
Currently on sale at Country & Stable  – who doesn’t love designer wear at a discounted price?

I struggled to find a negative for this waistcoat, I genuinely love it.
If pushed, I’d say I’m not overly fond of the fur trim hood, it makes me look more eskimo than equestrian (small head issues). However, the hood is detachable – eskimo problem solved!

 To summarise: A superior sporty waistcoat, dressage desirable, fully functional, practical and fit for purpose. 

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P1170223 copy 2


Horseware Rambo Supreme Vari-layer Turnout

The prancing pony is a demon at destroying rugs, she has trashed several well-known brands, some of them don’t survive the week let alone live to see another season. So it is with trepidation that I presented Rosie with a Rambo Supreme Vari Layer…

…After a 3 week trial its safe to say the Supreme Vari Layer is a winner! Rosie has worn this rug both indoors & out & it looks as good as the day she first wore it.
Rambo Varilayerro





I love the design of this rug, it wraps closely around the body of the horse trapping in the heat and keeping the cold out. The Vari-layer is also compatible with the Rambo liner system which means I can add extra layers should Rosie require them. The tough exterior of this rug and the antibacterial inner lining have kept my dirty mare squeaky clean & prevented the pony from tearing it to shreds (yet another bonus).

Compatible with the Horseware Liner system.
Fits beautifully and doesn’t rub.
Rambo 3yr Guarantee.
Detachable Hood.

Top end of the price range but once you purchase a Rambo you wont want to buy anything else.

To summarise: A fabulous rug full of nifty features, slightly pricey but worth every penny!
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