21-24th April – A whale of a time in Waregem

The beast and I have had an absolute blast in Belgium. Pleased as punch with the prancing ponio’s performance, extra carrots for good behaviour this week and banging in a few square halts when it mattered the most. Delighted that we didn’t encounter any problems with the arena flower pots, it would appear foreign foliage isn’t at all frightening (best we compete abroad more often). Belgium has been a truly brilliant competition, Team GB took the top honours in the Nations Cup and the prancing pony and I came home with prizes!! A huge thank you to Rosie’s owner, my great groom (Lou), a terrific home team and my super sponsors who make competing possible.



8th April – Smashing it at Solihull
IMG_20160408_220317Bradley was on his best behaviour today and waltz away  with a red rosette and some more precious points toward the KBIS Para Semi Finals ~ good boy bradders!