August 20th-21st: Bury Farm Champs

Big pats for Princess Fiona for winning two championship titles today!! The pilot also awarded herself a cheeky pat on the back after scoring a handful of 9’s for steering in the right direction (always a bonus) and stopping the stead in a recognisable square shape ~ result!




August 17th: Winning at Windmill


Princess Fiona flicked her toes and swaggered her way around the sandpit for 74 & 75%, bagged two wins and secured the remaining points required for next years Nationals (good donkey)





August 8th: Regionals
13872948_709566335866208_8686715112485163900_nSuper proud of Princess for smashing her test and taking the regional title today! The pilot didn’t do too badly either ~ no SatNav slip ups or corrupt circles, and we even scored 9’s for stopping in the right place with all four feet in a semi decent fashion. A para on top of the podium and a place at Nationals!!




August 7th: Braving it at Bury Farm

13906941_708827099273465_2434882900192849394_nTime to Princess up to the next level and try our hand at a Novice test. Princess took everything in her stride, a win and a PB of 78.75%!





August 4th: Squad Training
13906642_706814012808107_1916118002991260612_nPrincess Fiona stepped up to the para plate and stood in for the prancing pony at todays squad training. She really rather enjoyed mingling with the other talented mules and was very attentive during our video analysis session. Thanks to the BEF and National Lottery funding for providing our informative squad training days.