3rd January: Magic, Music And Mayhem
The moment the bell went I kissed goodbye to my memory and our pre programmed freestyle routine. Totally nailed the no idea what we’re doing to music malarky, an incredible 77.5% for throwing in some correctly sized circles amongst the cantering out of control manoeuvres!
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Happy New Year!
It’s taken patience, persistence and a bucket load of Polo’s for persuasion but the prancing pony has pulled her stroppy socks up, limited her amount of public tantrums and turned into the brilliant para beast that I knew she could be. In 2015 Rosie and I entered unknown territory when we were selected to compete for GBR together….. we finished the year with a mountain of red rosettes, a FEI World & Individual Paralympic ranking, a National Para title to our name and the pilot wearing a bigger pair of breeches (will start the diet next week) – Fingers & hooves crossed that 2016 brings success & happiness to all of us.