January 29th – Wet & windy at Wing
16265608_830632923759548_414289171633742465_nNot the nicest of test conditions today but Princess proved to be the true professional. A good run through of our Regional test gained us 71% & a red rosette. Plenty of improvements made but more corrections required if we want to achieve the higher mark in the trickier canter manoeuvres ~ Practice makes perfect!





January 19th – Qualifying at Quainton

16195035_822694057886768_1912180505369422865_nA solid performance from Princess Fiona today. Chilly conditions added a spring to her step! A win and 71% qualified us for the Quainton Winter Champs, to be held later in the year.





January 18th – Inspiring a generation
16143025_822087014614139_3573389036666455485_nMy first Athlete appearance completed! The Biggleswade Young Farmers Club could not have been more welcoming. Thanks to the guys and girls for listening to me ramble on about my para prancing adventures ~ What a fabulous bunch of young people.




January 8th – Winning at Wing
15965611_814663515356489_3353215143893382232_nKicking off the 2017 season with a ‘9’ for our centre line! Two wins with 73.9 & 75% and plenty of pats for Princess Fiona ~ good donkey.