26th -27th June: Happy Times At Hickstead
Rosie produced two good tests at Hickstead, there was a huge discrepancy in our marks from the judges but hey that’s dressage! Overall a commendable 5th place in the Open Championships for the prancing pony.







24th June: An Amazing Day At Albion
The prancing pony and I were invited to spend the day with Albion Saddlemakers and oversee the construction of our very own customised dressage saddle. A huge thank you to Sherry and the entire team at Albion who’ve gone above and beyond the duty of care to provide exceptional support to Rosie and I. The saddle fits the prancing pony perfectly and despite the challenges they’ve faced Albion have persevered and worked with my badly behaved body to adapt and build a brilliant saddle that helps me to maintain my stability and balance when riding – a dream come true.







22nd June: Para Practice
A run through of our para test in preparation for Hickstead. Correctly sized circles and half decent halts – practice makes perfect!  70% & a win under a list 1 judge – Good pony!
2015-06-22 15.59.06







20th June: Top Training
Rosie and I had a great day (despite the rain!) with Horsequest, Horse Magazine and Andrew Gould. The prancing pony thoroughly enjoyed posing and showing off her posh trotting paces.





9th June: Support from the St John’s Arms
A big thank you to K.Goodhew & Landords Eamon & Julie Dowling at the St John’s Arms in Melchbourne for very generously donating the proceeds of their Quiz night towards the cost of covering Rosie’s next big competition – The British Para Championships!




8th June: Winning At Witham Villa
A new venue for the Prancing pony to strut her stuff, Rosie got rather canter happy in our first test, I only just managed to contain her enthusiasm as she set sail down the long side! Our second test was much more controlled with some very nice medium trot movements. 70 & 74% two wins and a Summer Regional qualification secured.








7th June: Busting Some Moves At Bury Farm
Rosie thoroughly enjoyed throwing some shapes to music, a fantastic freestyle routine saw us take the win and qualify for Winter Regionals on our first attempt – good pony!