28th – 31st October: CPEDI 3* Bury Farm
A fabulous three days of international donkey dancing which saw Rosie and I in the ribbons after each test. A huge thank you to the prancing pony fan club for cheering us on, my awesome owners and terrific team for all that they do for me, and to my super sponsors for supporting us all season. A special mention to Country & Stable of Olney for supplying Rosie and I with the very best competition clothing and more matchy matchy outfits than a dressage diva could ever wish for. The prancing pony has done me proud, a couple of training sessions booked for next week and then Rosie can hang her hooves up and enjoy a well earned holiday ~ the pilot wouldn’t mind one either!







15th October: Para High Profile
After spending the summer stuffing her face and holidaying in the paddock, Mincing Milly made her return to the para dressage ring. At the ripe old age of 20 the mule’s still got it (just), a super score to win, as an added bonus we secured the highest score of the entire day, we even nailed the hokey cokey halts – hoorah.









11th October: Freestyling 
A bit of a mishap with the music but he prancing pony busted some moves at Bury Farm and muddled on through, 2nd place but with a high enough percentage to qualify us for the BD Elementary Regionals – good pony!






1st October: Excited about Excel
I’m super excited to be awarded a place on the BEF Excel Talent Programme for 2015-2017.
Thanks to my mega team and all the awesome folk who’ve helped me get this far; fabulous owners, super sponsors, great grooms and top trainers who’ve whipped my riding into shape (more whipping to come I fear).  BEF Excel Programme