Oct 25th: Feeling motivated at Moulton College
squadA big thank you to the BEF for organising a fabulous day of lectures and learning. Inspiring talks from athletes who attended the Rio 2016 Olympics and Ben McBean (ex military, injured on patrol in Afghanistan), they gave us all a sense of positivity and motivation ~ onwards and upwards!







Oct 16th: Princess put to the test at Bury Farm

pf1Princess Fiona and I pushed the boundaries and had a crack at a medium test! It’s fair to say I massacred a few of the movements. There were moments of magic coupled with some very suspect sideways stuff, to my amazement we won with 66.9%! A good learning curve for both of us, lots of practice required before we will be capable of giving a polished medium performance.



Oct 13th: Addington 
rPrincess and I completed our British Dressage regional qualifications with a red rosette and a score of 71.54%. A solid test and a good way to end our BD season.






Oct 9: Quainton
1Princess Fiona entered our first Elementary tests today. Fiona was feeling rather fresh and keen to show the judge just how well she could pull the pilots arms out of their sockets. Luckily Fiona the wannabe Ferrari ran out of petrol rather rapidly and thus the pilot did not need to deploy the emergency parachute. Two wins with 70 & 71%.