October 31st – Winning At Widmer
8Magic Mike completed his Para winter qualification with a win at Widmer. Lots to like but still plenty to improve upon!






October 20th – Solihull
5Para prancing with both beasts at Solihull today.
Princess Fiona produced a top notch test and stonked it with 71+% to take the win ~ ❤️ her!

Magic Mike managed to keep his concentration and was rewarded with 3rd place and some more points towards winter qualification.








October 12th – Fiona Completes Her Regional Campaign
4Princess Fiona was on top toe flicking form today. A win completes her winter qualification ~ roll on Regionals 2018!





October 1st – Petplan Semi Finals
3Petplan Semi Finals with Magic Mike. It might not have been pretty but by some miracle Magic Mike made it all the way through the test without a pit stop! 5th place with 69.10% in a strong field of Semi Final contenders. Over the moon with Magic Mike, fingers crossed for a wildcard (and an oxygen tank for the pilot).