27th September: Quainton Dressage Championships
A successful day in the Quainton sandpit, the donkey did a super-duper test to take the Nov Championship title. Our second test wasn’t the prettiest, the pilot had somehow selected slug mode on the mule and proceeded to run out of puff trying to obtain second gear, definitely more trotting tortoise than prancing pony but we made it to the end of the test (just) without requiring oxygen tank assistance. Lots of championship goodies and a gold medal to go home with!







18th September: Nationals!
4th place at our first Nationals. The beast was on her very best behaviour & the pilot stayed awake long enough to operate the steering system, the only thing that got spanked today was my credit card! After a full on week of pony prancing my backside is bruised & Rosie could do with a rest. A week off from competition to recharge the batteries before we start preparation for our final international in October.




16th September: Qualifying At Quainton
The mare was on a mission today, more storming Norman than prancing pony, not much dressage decorum displayed but we held it together (or rather I hung on for my life) to clinch two wins and more importantly the qualifying points required to take us through to regionals, 70 & 73%.

14th September: Typical British Weather At Bury Farm
74%, one wet beast, a red rosette and a rider with a very soggy bottom – bring on the indoor season!






12th September: Petplan Area Festival

The prancing pony is many things (mostly opinionated & hormonally challenged) but when she’s good, she’s very very good! A huge field of 40 riders to contend with but the beast was on her best behaviour today. Petplan Area Festival Winners & a ticket to next years Nationals – Good Donkey.








10th September: Hanging On Tight At Houghton Hall
Our first attempt at an elementary freestyle wasn’t exactly the delicate dance routine to a classic Disney soundtrack that I’d envisaged, I Predict A Riot would have been far more fitting choice of music. A fun five minute test (mostly spent trying to locate the handbrake) but the beast had an absolute ball. 3rd place with 68%.









2nd September: Aspley Guise Championships
Rosie was only too pleased to get into third gear tonight, 0-60 in a split second and a nifty handbrake turn at the end of the track. Thankfully no wheelies or spins in front of the judge tonight and the driver remained securely in her seat throughout. Top of the podium for the prancing pony – result.






1st September: A Smashing Day At Sparsholt
Our first time at this venue and Rosie didn’t disappoint. Two super para tests in front of the selectors and two red rosettes to go home with!