Claire Ackerman is a trainee BD judge and regularly competes at affiliated dressage. Claire has the knowledge and experience in producing music for all levels from Riding Club through to Grand Prix with both professional and amateur riders. Her aim is to assist all levels of horse and rider, from amateur to professional, Riding Club to British Dressage, to go out and enjoy dressage to music, knowing that the music they are riding to is both something they enjoy and is suited to them and their horse. Beat This! is committed to making dressage to music easy and affordable, enabling you to have choice and involvement whilst receiving the best advice and support regarding your freestyle dressage test.

DSC_0451“I met Claire whilst attending one of her Dressage to Music workshops, she really helped me to understand what riding to music was all about. Claire very kindly agreed to sponsor and produce our freestyle to music test and has worked with myself and Milly to ensure we put our best foot forward and dance down the centre line!”