Stefaan Vossen is a Belgian Spinal Physiatrist who first trained as a physiotherapist at the University of Ghent, Belgium and then as a chiropractor at the University of Portsmouth. Specialised in rehabilitation and spinal manipulative techniques and an extensive background in post-operative neuro-rehabilitation, gait biomechanics and stomatognathic dysfunction he set up Core Physiatry in Warwick in 2009 to cater specifically for sufferers of long-term pain. He is licensed to take and read X-rays and is able to refer for all imaging including MRI and CT scanning. Stefaan is also the deputy clinical director of MLab and co-founder of the CORP Research Foundation.
Core Health & Wellness

Team-photo“Stefaan Vossen is a spinal genius, his regular treatment sessions form a fundamental part of my healthcare, without him I wouldn’t be able to stand upright let alone sit in the saddle and continue riding. I am forever grateful that he has so far kept me walking – albeit in a slightly wonky fashion! “